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Going Places NCERT Solution

Understanding the text:


Sophie and Jansie were class-mates and friends. What were the differences between them that show up in the story


Both Jansie and Sophie were friends but, counterparts of each other. The way Jansie gave Sophie insight to reality. And she knows and accepts that, in future they have to work in biscuit factory. On the other hand Sophie is a daydreamer who enjoys living fantasy world created by her. She wanted to become a fashion designer or an actress.


How would you describe the character and temperament of Sophie's father?


Her Father's Plump face which was grimy and sweaty tells that he was a very hard working lower middle class father. Who use to watch television after coming from work instead of spending time with family or helping his wife. He was tired of his low paying job can only give them livelihood, therefore he wanted a sophie to buy a decent home, Whenever she starts earning. He was short tempered and not ready to compromise his parties knowing financial condition of family, which shows his self-centeredness.


Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff mare than any other person? From her perspective, what did he symbolize?


Due to her brother's silence she use to think that he was living the life she dreamed of, adventurous and interesting. And she wanted to be part of that world where she sees herself wearing glamorous cloths and being welcomed by everyone. For Sophie, Geoff symbolize freedom to explore the world.


What socio-economic background did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family's financial status?


There are several things that shows that belong to lower middle class, they wanted Sophie to work in a biscuit factory immediately after school, which is normal thing for someone from a family like her's. Her entire family of 5 people, two brothers Geoff and Derek, and her parents. They use to live in a small house. Where all the windows were black and room was steamy and when she returns home after school she felt chocked and disgusted due to steam and piled dirty dishes at corner. Her mother was so much into do all house chaos that her back was crooked and bent. Her father's grimy and sweaty face after coming from work shows that he is a hard labourer. Her brother Geoff also started work immediately after his school as an apprentice mechanic in a garage situated far away from his home.

Talking about the text:


It is natural for teenagers to have unrealistic dreams. What would you say are the benefits and disadvantage of such fantasising?


Yes, teenagers have unrealistic dreams, it have several advantages and disadvantages, it improves their creativity and teenagers dreams are more often based on what they see in their environment such dreams are realistic and fascinates them to solve greater problems. A dream which is realistic and based on public welfare gives a direction to child for success. Disadvantages, great the dreams require great conviction and efforts. As teenagers are so much emotionally connected to their dream but, they don't know the effort it takes and not ready for it, when they know the harsh reality they often get disappointed and depressed due to their unrealistic dreams.