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Poet and Pancakes NCERT Solution

Understanding the text:


The author has used gentle humour to point out human foibles. Pick out instances of this to show how this serves to make the piece interesting.


The author described little fault in each character in a way which made text interesting, also didn't hurt them directly. He explained that makeup artists had job of making people look ugly. And the office boy of makeup department was called as 'office boy' even though he was a man in his forties and he keeps explaining how his talent is wasted, the author was praying for crowd shooting all the time. Nothing else could same him from his epics. He describes how Subbu was cheerful even when he had a hand in a flop film. And legal adviser who he described as the reason behind end of career of an extremely talented actress by making her listen to her own temper in front of producers.


Why was Kothamangalam Subbu considered No.2 in Gemini Studios?


The Kothamangalam Subbu was considered no.2 of Gemini studio because he was closet to boss. Because of several reasons, he was extremely loyal to the boss and was Film-making was so easy with a man like Subbu around and he was the one who gave direction and definition to Gemini Studios during it's golden years, he could come up with multiple interesting ways to shoot a scene.


How does the author describe the incongruity of an English port addressing the audience at Gemini Studios?


The english poet who addressed the kind of audience who makes tamil films for the simplest sort of people who cannot understand what he was talking about expect words like "Democracy and freedom" due to their typical british accent.


What do you understand about the author's literary inclinations from the account?


The author seems to be interested towards literature, his literary inclinations can be easily seen form his way of writing in his books. He was keen reader who use to visit library buy books if they are affordable for him. without having knowledge of literature one cannot have deep thought on prose that prose writing was not meant for geniuses but for those with patience and perseverance. His enthusiasm to participate in short story contest organized by "The Encounter".