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The Interview NCERT Solution

Understanding the text:


Do you think Umberto Eco likes being interviewed? Give reasons for your opinion.


yes he likes to give interviews because from the very beginning he answered all the questions of Mukund patiently and openly. he was not only answered those questions but but also, willingly expressed his views, experiences and secret. There was't even a little bit of trace of discomfort throughout the interview. He also elaborated everything, did't tried to wrap things up in short, which shows that he was really enjoying the interview.


How does Eco find the time to write so much?


Umberto Eco, mastered the skill of time management. He had a secret which helps him in giving time to his each hobby. He explains his secret, just like empty spaces in universe we all have a lot of empty spaces in out life. He call them Interstices. These interstices are the spare time between our two tasks. He writes in these empty spaces instead of wasting them.


What was distinctive about Eco's academic writing style?


Umberto Eco do not write academic in a regular way as its boring and dry. Other use regular way as it's boring and dry. Other use regular way in which they do face failure and problems but do not mention them, on the contrary Eco writes them in the form of a story, including his trials and errors he faced. Therefore his writing were narrative.


Did Umberto Eco consider himself a novelist first or an academic scholar?


Umberto Eco consider himself as a academic scholar who writes novels on sundays, He writes more of academic scholarly books compared to novels and he participate in academic conferences and not meeting of pen clubs and writers.


What is the reason for the huge success of the novel. The Name of the Rose?


Unlike journalists and publishers Eco wasn't surprised by the success of the novel 'The Name of The Rose', according to him it just reached to the hands of a small section of 10 to 15 million out of world population of 6 billion, who do not want easy experience or do not always want easy experience.

Talking about the text:


The medium you like best for an interview, print, radio or, television.


Ans. Each and every medium have it's own pros and cons. But, according to me radio is the best medium as an interview mostly consist of verbal communications not actions. These are the reason why radios are best medium of interview:

  1. Radios are available and can be used at almost any area. Like, remote area, rural area and urban area as well.
  2. It's affordability makes it more accessible to almost all economic classes.
  3. In several researches it's been proven that whenever there is audio and video both, people are more into looking the visuals than concentrating on actual content.