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The Tiger King NCERT Solution

Reading with Insight:


The story is a satire on the conceit of those in power. How does the author employ the literary device of dramatic irony in the story?


Author used several dramatic irony to satire in the conceit of those in power. It was evident that tiger king was conceit from birth as he challenged astrologer's prediction and said "Let tigers beware!", when he was 10 days old. The author showed his power, intelligence, strength, wealth and bravery. Not attend any other matter before killing hundredth tiger, punishing people of his state for killing tiger, saying no to british officials, sending 50 rings of worth three lakh to Duraisani, marring a girl whose kingdom have significant amount of tigers, killing 99 tigers. But in his whole life he never did a anything for his people, and take anyone's livelihood or life on falling short of his expectations. But in irony all his efforts were in vain at the end as it was just a small wooden tiger who killed him not a ferocious beast.


What is the author's indirect comment on subjecting innocent animals to the willfulness of human beings?


Only to prove astrologer's prediction wrong he started killing tigers and killed 99 tigers just to show himself superior, as we all are connected to each other disturbance in ecosystem can lead to destruction. As tiger king himself died of a wooden toy tigers after killing 99 tigers. Author's message is, one should not kill animals just because of their willingness as it will lead to destruction of life.


How would you describe the behavior of the maharaja's minions towards him? Do you find them truly sincere towards him or are they driven by fear when they obey him? Do we find a similarity in today's political order?


Maharaja's minions were his blind followers who obediently follows his all instructions and commands. They were obedient but, not sincere, they were fear driven. They always tried to keep maharaja cheerful as his rage might lead to loss their livelihood or life. Dewan should have stopped maharaja from killing tigers and make him concentrate towards development of his kingdom but, being afraid of maharaja's anger he made the hundredth tiger available from people's park of Madras. Yes, in today's politics also people at ground or lower level are fear driven sometimes, several higher authority want to do betterment of public but, people at lower lever are not sincere and this often lead to corruption.


We need a new system for the age of ecology-a system which is embedded in the care of all people and also in the care of the Earth and all life upon it. Discuss?


After exploitation of natural resources over years, now earth is in a very critical state where earth need to be healed as soon as possible. Government need to make several strict rules like, production and purchase of goods that are hazardous to environment should be strictly prohibited, providing benefits to companies contributing to reduce, reuse, recycle system and nature. And create self-awareness in the mind of people to make the steps more effective, especially in the minds of country's youth through campaigns at schools and collages, Social media, television, radio, films and documentaries. As they are the future of this planet.