Journey To End Of The Earth Summary

Author of Journey To End of The Earth

Tishani Doshi

Theme of Journey To End Of The Earth

  1. Our planet is going towards its end.
  2. Spreading awareness to motivate actions for its existence.
  3. Effects of our activities on our planet.

Chapter Explanation:

  1. Author was on her journey to antarctica. Her journey started from madras.

  2. In order to reach she traveled through car, airplane and ship, combining all the three it took her more than 100 hours and had to cross 9 timezones 6 checkpoints and 3 water bodies to reach antarctica.

  3. The ship on which she reached to Antarctica was named "Akademik Shokalskiy".

  4. In this extremely long journey she was fully tired. But when she stepped on antarctica seeing Antarctica's beautiful white landscape and blue horizon she felt relived.

  5. She was mainly wondered that how india and antarctica was part of same landmass and also by its isolation from rest of the Earth.

  6. Six hundred and fifty million years ago, there use to be, a giant southern supercontinent called Gondwana existed roughly around present day antarctica.

  7. Back when there was a supercontinent Gondwana humans were not into existence, and the climate was much warmer, hosting a huge variety of flora and fauna and fauna.

  8. But around the time when the dinosaurs were wiped out and the age of the mammals started, the landmass was forced to separate into countries, shaping the globe much as we know it today.

  9. Antarctica was the place where we(humans) came from.

  10. On Antarctica, There were no marks of human, no tree, no billboard buildings. It was a place where a vast range of living beings live from microscopic to huge whales. Ice burgs were as large as a country.

  11. Due to increasing population of human beings humans had to fight with other living beings for the limited resources.

  12. Antarctica is not important just because it's totally clean as it is the only place on earth which never let any human civilization to sustained on it. But also because it holds half a million old carbon record in it's thick layer of ice which can be examined to know the past, present and future of earth.

  13. The reason behind taking high-school students to the end of the earth. Is that, it give them an opportunity to understand the importance of nature for survival of our planet. Also because he wants to offers the future generation of policy-makers a life-changing experience at an age when they’re ready to absorb, learn, and most importantly, take required action.

  14. It’s been in operation for six years now, headed by Canadian Geoff Green, who got tired of carting celebrities and retired, rich, curiosity-seekers who could only ‘give’ back in a limited way.

  15. Because of Antarctica's simple ecosystem and lack of biodiversity, makes it perfect place to study how little changes in the environment can have big repercussions. Take the microscopic phytoplankton as example, these grasses of the sea that nourish and sustain the entire Southern Ocean's food chain These single-celled plants use the sun's energy to assimilate carbon and synthesize organic compounds with the help of photosynthesis. Scientists warn that a further depletion in the ozone layer will affect the activities of phytoplankton, as UV rays might destroy them, which in turn will affect the lives of all the marine animals and birds of the region and the global carbon cycle.

  16. Her trip to antarctica was full of such experiences. When their ship Shokalskiy stuck peninsula and Tadpole Island which was preventing them to go any further. In order to turn around and head back north, all the 52 students were told to climb town the vessel and walk on the ocean. As she kept her leg on snow she saw, nothing but stark whiteness and In the periphery Crabeater seals were stretching and sunning themselves on ice floes much like stray dogs will do under the shade of a banyan tree.

  17. The name "journey to the end of the earth" conveys that slowly we are going towards our end.