Memories of Childhood Summary

Part 1, Cutting My Long Hair

Author of Cutting My Long Hair


Chapter Explanation:

  1. When she was a kid, she uses to live with her family at a place where apple farming was prominent, cold weather and snow are, trees were bare.

  2. But now she is living in a hostel. Bell rang for breakfast annoying clatter of shoes on bare floor.

  3. A line of girls was marching to the dining room, there were Indian girls in stiff shoes and closely clinging (sticked to the body) dressed, small girls wore sleeved aprons and singled hair Zitkala walked noiselessly in her soft moccasins.

  4. A small bell rang and each of the pupils draw a chair under the table, she also did the same and sat, but other were standing. Seeing them as she was about of stand, second bell rang and all sat on the chair but, their heads where down then third bell rang, all started eating.

  5. In morning she met her friend Judewin. Who knows a little English, she heard the paleface women talking about cutting their long heavy hair, her mother taught that only unskilled warriors had short hair. Judewin says we have to give up they are strong, but Zitkala rebelled.

  6. She watched for the chance and disappeared someone else wore her moccansins exchanged for shoes. A room with three white bed and window covered with dark curtains. Which made the room dim. She hided herself under the bed. Shew was shuddering with fear whenever she hears footsteps near her. Her was called later they found her out. And took her out of the bed and carried her downstairs and tied on a chair.

  7. She cried aloud until she felt cold blades of the scissors.

  8. Since the day she was taken away from her mother she had suffered extreme indignities. Only our parents care about us in this world.

  9. At the end she says, now I am one of other little animals driven by the herder.

Part 2, We too are human beings

Writer of We Too Are Human Beings


Theme of We Too are Human Beings

Racism with lower cast people and importance of education for upliftment of lower caste people.

This chapter is a part of her autobiography "Karukku".

Chapter Explanation:

  1. Bama was walking to home from school like always.

  2. Anybody else except Bama would take 10 minutes. But, it takes her 30 mins to reach to home from her school. Because she dawdles, watching all the fun games that were going in & entertaining novelties & oddities in streets, the shops, and the bazaar.

  3. Things that attract her:
    performing monkey, snake show, maariyaata temple, sweet stalls, the way waiter cooled the coffee, and almond trees and its fruit which was occasionally blown down by the wind.

  4. After crossing the bazaar, she reached to her village road, where she saw the landlord seated on a piece of sacking spread over a stone hedge. people of her caste were doing trashing work and the animals were muzzled so that they themselves do not straw, Bama was enjoying the view.

  5. An elder of her street was coming from the bazaar holding the packet of vadiais, straight to the landlord bowed low and gave it to the landlord.

  6. Bama was laughing on the way that elder was carrying the packet with the help of string without touching it, she thought that it is because of oil.

  7. She told this to her elder brother she laughed but her brother did not because he knew the reality of untouchability.

  8. Bama got angry because of such behavior with a very important elder of her street.

  9. Her brother told her that we never get any honour or dignity or respect as we born in this community.

  10. Her brother also said "But if you study and make progress we can throw away these indignities"

  11. These words of her brother made a great influence on her that Bama studied so hard that she came first in her class.